Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” (Black/Varsity Red-Black) – 487471-003


Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”

Color: Black/Varsity Red-Black

Style Code: 487471-003

Release Date: June 14, 2018



The Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” celebrates Michael Jordan’s infamous 20 foot jumper giving him his last and final 6th NBA title.

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“Through the years, Jordans have offered the ideal balance of style and durability for wearers, both on and off the court. The Air Jordan 14 “”Last Shot”” is a continuation of the bold and wildly popular brand you have grown to know and love. This unique shoe was developed specifically in commemoration of the last NBA title awarded to Michael Jordan in 1998, so you’re not only purchasing a top-quality shoe, but also a valuable piece of NBA history.

These shoes are highly durable, streamlined, and are a carbon-copy of the shoe that topped off Jordan’s career. In fact, some sources claim that they look so professional, so true-to-life to actual footwear worn by professional athletes of the sport, that it feels as if they could be showcased in a sports hall-of-fame, rather than worn in everyday situations.

This high-quality shoe provides optimal support at the sides with its generous padding. Its colors are black and red, and there’s ample cushioning in the heel to provide extra spring to your step. The high-endurance sole offers optimal traction for all surfaces.

No matter where you’re going, this shoe complements virtually any casual outfit, neutrals in particular. The tongues can roll down for a more relaxed look. Jordans are a brand of footwear that naturally stands out, so it’s important to select clothing combinations that center on the dramatic look of the Jordans. Keep clothing choices understated; sport a special standout item such as a Fitbit, if you must, but keep the focus on the boldness of the shoe itself.

A landmark statement in red and black, the Air Jordan 14 “”Last Shot”” is a testament to a career that truly took this sport to unprecedented heights. Check out this revolutionary pair of shoes, and many more of your favorite brands, on our website.”

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