Air Jordan 4 “White Cement”


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The Air Jordan 4 “White Cement” comes complete with never before seen wings that locks the laces and the most sought after color scheme.

“Trendy and clean, the Air Jordan 4 “”White Cement”” are a great sneaker option for those who love to look trendy without being overly flashy. Indeed, although most Jordan sneakers are great for athleticism, these are better left to when you want to represent your baller status…on your day off. A crazy color scheme, this shoe is mostly white with some black accents as well as grey and black speckled accents.

Benefits of Buying Air Jordan 4 “White Cement”

As mentioned these shoes look amazing and should probably be worn during leisure time. Nevertheless, if you’re a rebel and insist on wearing these on the basketball court, these are a high-performance sneaker for sure. Comfortable sneakers that offer great support, purchasing these will make you feel like the king of the court.

How to Rock

Need some tips on how to rock your Air Jordan 4’s? Well, given that these are such clean looking sneaker, you can match these up with some of everything. However, I suggest sticking to more understated fashion options, so your clothes don’t outshine your shoes. Additionally, low cut or no-show socks are almost mandatory with these babies. You definitely don’t want them to outshine your shoes. Also, if they are white, they may end up looking a bit dingy up against these shoes.

Overall, the Air Jordan 4’s are an excellent option for sneaker heads of all kinds. No matter if you choose to wear them for a workout or to play, just be sure to take care of them by keeping them clean and storing them in a cool, dry place. No matter if this is you 1000th pair of Jordans or your very first, you will be glad you decided to add these shoes to your sneaker collection.”

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