Air Jordan 6 (VI) Retro Black Pink Purple


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You have finally decided to get into a routine to help get yourself in shape. You have your music and outfit ready to go. Everything is almost ready to go. But, you will still need to purchase a new pair of shoes. You are going to want the Air Jordan 6 (VI) Retro Black Pink Purple sneakers.

These shoes are black with purple and pink trim. This new release comes in a men’s size eight to twelve. The comfortable padding inside will make walking and jogging feel like a dream.

Now that you have your shoes, you will have to learn how to where them properly. Air Jordan 6 (VI) Retro Black Pink Purple work best with low cut socks. You do not want to get your feet all sweaty and too hot for the rest of the run or walk. It would not be a good idea, style-wise to wear anything past your ankles with these shoes.

Plus, having brightly colored and patterned socks will take attention away from your new shoes. Just like with jeans, tuck in the bottom of your sweats into your sneakers to help show them off on your run. If you do not want to run or walk in thick sweats, you should wear pants that fit your body type. This will help to draw attention to your new Air Jordan 6 (VI) Retro Black Pink Purple shoes.

Wearing lighter colors will help make the sneakers look that much better. Just keep in mind this little tip: darker clothes work with lighter shoes while lighter clothes go with darker shows. That also goes for your tops. Jerseys, tank tops, and sweatshirts will go great with your Air Jordan 6 (VI) Retro Black Pink Purple shoes. It would be better to go with wearing a neutral top to go with your shoes. Keep all of these tips in mind and you will have a stylish and healthy daily run.

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8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12