Air Jordan 6 VI White Black Red Blue Clear Sole 2016


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Brand: NIKE

Model: Air Jordan 6 VI

Price: $99.99

Key Features: The Air Jordan 6 VI White Black Blue Sole is styled after the high top mold, which means that they can be worn with either semi-formal or casual wear. There is also the white with a blue and black sole that immediately brings the spectator into the beauty that is Air Jordans. The Air Jordan 6 VI White Black Blue Sole design comes in various sizes for men.

It is evident that Air Jordans are in a class of their own when it comes to style and sneakers. Not only do this collection of shoes provide comfort on the inside, but they are pleasurable to view outside, which means that you make a fashion statement every time you walk into a room while wearing the shoes.

Perhaps the greatest misfortune of Air Jordans is the price. Not every consumer has hundreds of dollars to invest in a pair of sneakers that will eventually succumb to everyday wear and tear. Thankfully, there is a large selection of shoes in the Jordan collection, which means that you may be able to afford a pair of these sneakers even while on a rather tight budget.

The Air Jordan 6 VI White Black Blue Sole style is a prime example of affordability within the collection. These shoes are just under $100, which means that you can buy a pair of sneakers and remain on task to reach your financial goals.

Air Jordans are certainly the style that everyone seeks. There is no question, however, that the sneakers do not come cheap. The Air Jordan 6 VI White Black Blue Sole model lets you enjoy the beauty and diversity that is the Jordan collection without having to spend your saving just to be fashionable.

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Men Size

8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12