Air Jordan 6 VI White Pure Red Blue Clear Sole 2016


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There are many reasons to step into a pair of Air Jordan’s. These are not just any comfortable shoes. Owning them is a fashion statement that connects you to a greater sneaker culture, a group of people who love to move and be fashionable while they do it. In the past, they have been a little too much money for most of us to afford, but there is good news now as more reasonable buying options become available.

The Air Jordan 6 has a whitish gray body with red accents toward the laces. The off white body of the shoe is nurtured by a stylish and transparent clear and blue sole. This version carries the traditional deconstructed look that makes this popular shoe so recognizable and sought after. There are plenty of breathable sections throughout the body of the shoe for maximum comfort and the soles are very soft, but firm and flexible.

There are many ways to successfully wear your Air Jordan sneakers with thoughtful style. These shoes are meant to stand alone in an outfit. They are meant to be the center piece of your ensemble, and they make a bold fashion statement. Many Jordan fans claim that the sneakers do not even need to match what you are wearing, as long as you dress to accentuate the shoe style. This means that nothing should distract from them. Instead, build your entire outfit around the shoe. You can dress to not distract from them by wearing low cut socks. Make sure to avoid baggy jeans and light colors They can be worn with a dress, shorts, or skinny jeans with much visual success. Try dark colors for clothing rather than light to make your them pop visually. Mix and match and find your own style with these tips in mind.

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