Air Jordan 9 “LA” 2018


Color: Black/Summit White-Black-Metallic Gold

Style Code: 302370-021

Release Date: February 2018



The Air Jordan 9 “LA” 2018 release is designed in its Black/Summit White-Black-Metallic Gold color scheme.

1. Why you should buy the shoe…

The Air Jordan 9 “LA” is a modern, basketball – athletic shoe of choice for its solid grip and foot – matching width, not to mention its foot stability and control features implanted in the back. The flexibly cushioned outer sole also helps as well. How could we forget it?

The flexible, cushioned sole, in fact, allows for one’s feet to remain in the game for longer periods. Think about it. The more protected and comfortable those feet are, the less quickly they’ll get tired. It’s common sense.

2. The benefits of buying the shoe…

The Air Jordan 9 “LA” holds many benefits. The first one would be that its toe box, shoe laces and eyelets all align in unison and work together to ensure a comfortable yet flexible fit and movements. The foot is thankful.

Furthermore, the unrestricted shoe collar in the back allows for more free movement, to a degree, of course. Too much would be a safety risk. We wish to avoid sudden jerking or spraining, and this shoe suddenly manages to provide the best of both worlds here; unrestricted movement with a firm grasp and solid cushioning and traction at the same time. It’s a win – win for all: For the user, for the shoe, and for the seller.

3. Describing the shoe’s color and style just a bit…

The Air Jordan 9 “LA” is OREO colored; in other words, it’s black and white all over, much like a newspaper. Its shoe laces, soles, and back heel counter are white whereas everything else is black.

4. How you can wear these shoes…

The Air Jordan 9 “LA” is a shoe that might, in fact, look best when used with a simplistic color scheme that is neither too flashy nor too brightly colored. Think “simple is better” and you may be on the right track here. Try it out now.

Additional information

Men Size

8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11